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  • Belemnites Phragmacone £1.50 ex VAT

    Belemnite specimens made from genuine material with is rough to the touch. Specimens vary in length, coming in 2 sizes and display the pointed cone shape associated with belemnites. Dated to the Triassic period, they are supplied with white card tray and information label.

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  • Cylindroteuthis puzosiana £2.00 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Jurassic period, Oxford clay horizon, 163 to 157 million years ago.
    • Location: Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK.
    • Family: Cephalopod, Belemnite
    • Species: Cylindroteuthis puzosiana

    Cylindroteuthis puzosiana are an extinct species of belemnite which lived during the Jurassic period, found in the Oxford clays, these fossil specimens are 70 mm in size and ideal for collector, children and educational use. They details the shape of belemnite shells very well, come supplied matrix free and with a card tray and data label.

  • Large Polished Belemnites £3.50 ex VAT

    Family: Cephalopod

    Species: Belemnite sp.

    Geological Age: Jurassic period, 200 to 145 million years ago.

    Location: UK

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