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  • Bouguetia saemanni £3.00 ex VAT

    Bouguetia saemanni, Large specimens around 3″ in size, some tips are not complete.

  • Gastropods – Morocco £3.00£9.00 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Cretaceous period, 145 to 65 million years ago.
    • Location: Morocco
    • Family: Gastrpod
    • Species: Unknown – Sea Snail

    High quality gastropod fossil shells from the Cretaceous period, collected from Morocco, these specimens exhibit excellent morphological detail, the shell shape and coil are seen clearly, samples are 10 mm in size and supplied in optional weights and will come in a bag with a label.

  • Neptunia Contraria £1.40£2.00 ex VAT

    Neptunia Contraria, an unusual Gastropod because unlike the majority, this one coiled it’s shell to the left. Hence the name Contraria. The name for this type of coiling is sinistral. Each specimen is supplied in a 3″x2″ white card tray.

  • Pleurotomaria Tuberculata £4.00 ex VAT
    • Family: Gastropod
    • Species: Pleurotomaria tuberculata
    • Geological Age: Ibex zone, Lower Lias, Jurassic Period, 200 to 145 million years ago.
    • Location: Blockley. Gloucestershire, UK.


  • Sinum aquense £1.50 ex VAT

    Species Name: Sinum aquense

    Family: Gastropod

    Age: Miocene, 20 to 15 Mya.

    Location: Leognan, France

    Out of stock

  • Turritella imbricataria £0.30 ex VAT

    Species Name: Turritella imbricataria

    Family: Gastropod

    Age: Eocene, Barton Beds ~ 40 Mya

    Location: Barton, Hampshire

    Out of stock

  • Turritella sp – Hampshire £1.00 ex VAT

    Species Name: Turritella sp

    Family: Gastropod

    Age: Eocene, Barton Beds ~ 40 Mya

    Location: Stubbington, Hampshire

    Out of stock

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