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  • Collyrites elliptica

    • Geological Age: Bathonian stage, Jurassic period, 168 to 166 million years ago.
    • Location: Sarthe, France.
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Collyrites elliptica

    Collyrites elliptica fossil echinoid specimens which were found in Sarthe, France. They are estimated to be from the Bathonian stage of the Jurassic period, it’s name is derived from the fact that it’s body has an elliptical shape. Excellent fossils for serious collectors and educational use, the samples are approximately between 40 to 50 mm in size

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  • Echinocorys scutata

    • Geological Age: Upper Chalk Formation, Cretaceous period, 100 to 65 million years ago.
    • Location: Kent, UK
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Echinocorys scutata

    Echinocorys scutata fossil echinoid specimens, these samples were found in the upper Chalk formation in Kent. Dating back to the Cretaceous period over 65 million years ago, they vary in shape and size. We can offer these samples in two grades, suitable for collectors and educational use, they come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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  • Echinoid Spines Sp. £4.00 ex VAT

    Specimens of echinoid spines from Morocco, the species is unable to be identified from these spines alone, they are supplied in lots of 100 g and come in a polythene bag with an information label.

  • Eupatagus ocalanus £8.50 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Inglis limestone formation, Eocene period, 56 to 33 million years ago.
    • Location: Ocala, Florida, U.S.A
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Eupatagus ocalanus

    Eupatagus ocalanus fossil echinoid specimens from the Inglis limestone formation found in Ocala in the state of Florida, USA. The samples are from the Eocene period, over 33 million years old and exhibit excellent details such as the petal pattern which is easily visible without magnification. The samples are around 6 cm in size and will come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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  • Geocoma libanotica Brittle Star £16.00 ex VAT

    Geocoma libanotica fossil brittle stars which lived during the late Cretaceous period approximately 95 million years ago. The samples are preserved on a micritic limestone matrix called lagerstatten which has a fine grain texture and beige colouration. They come from the renowned Hajoula region in Lebanon and each brittle star measures approximately 30 mm in size while the overall matrix is square shaped measuring 10 x 10 cm making them suitable as little gifts, for enthusiasts, young collectors or educational use. Each piece will come supplied with a stand and small information label.

    • Class: Echinoderm
    • Species: Geocoma libanotica
    • Age: Late Cretaceous period
    • Location: Hajoula, Lebanon

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  • Micraster Cortestudinarium £5.00£10.00 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Cretaceous period, upper chalk formation, 100 to 66 millions years old
    • Location: Kent, UK
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Micraster cortestudinarium

    Micraster cortestudinarium fossil echinoid specimens, a common fossil found around UK, the samples are an off white colour and measure around 6 cm in size. They lived during the Cretaceous period, over 66 million years ago in what is now Kent, UK. The samples will come supplied in card tray with an information label, suitable for more serious collectors to show the various species with the Echinoid family.

  • Offaster Pilula £4.00 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Upper Cretaceous – Campanian, G. quadrata Zone, 72 to 84 million years old.
    • Location: Romsey, Hampshire, UK
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Offaster Pilula

    Offaster pilula are a sub species of echihnoids, fairly small in size, these 2 cm fossil specimens were found in Romsey,, Hampshire in the UK in Campanian age rocks of the Cretaceous period. They exhibit an almost spherical shape and white colouration, very few features are visible but they are certainly ideal for the more serious collector or to indicate the diversity of a species.

  • Polished Echinoids (Florida) £3.00£4.00 ex VAT

    Echinoids specimens which have been polished, highlighting the petal features. Specimens come in a small card tray with an information label. Small specimens are approx 30mm diameter and large specimens are approx 40mm – 50mm in diameter.

  • Pygurus Depressus – Polished £4.20 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Middle Jurassic period, 162 million years ago.
    • Location: Madagascar
    • Family: Echinoderm
    • Species: Pygurus Depressus

    Pygurus depresses fossil echinoid specimens are common and often sought after, they are often complete and well preserved and also take an excellent polish to them, such as these samples. 7 cm in diameter and a golden brown colour. Polishing only highlights the features of these samples even more.

  • Sand Dollar Polished £6.00 ex VAT

    Well preserved sand dollars, showing excellent petal formation, size of specimens are 3.5 – 4″ and are polished, giving them a smooth texture and look. The specimens come in a card tray with a label.

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