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  • Baryte Crystals – UK £2.88£5.75 ex VAT

    Specimens of crystalline baryte from Reigate, Surrey, UK. These particular pieces of baryte are crystals with various shades of yellow colour, the crystals are incomplete and therefore show no identifiable crystal system. Samples are supplied in a 1.5 ” x 1.5″ white card tray or in a plastic magnifier box with an information label. 

    Samples in small mag boxes are approximately 1 – 2 cm in size, samples in large mag boxes are roughly 2 – 3 cm in size. 

  • Bixbyite Crystals on Topaz £2.30 ex VAT

    Specimens of topaz with bixbyite from Topaz mountain, Utah, USA. The bixbyite exhibits a black colour with metallic lustre, contrasting amazingly against the golden brown colour of the topaz crystals they are covering. The topaz crystals are around 1 – 3 cm in size and exhibit inclusions of small bixbyite crystals. The samples are small so will come supplied in a small polythene bag with an information label.

  • Corundum var. Sapphire – U.S.A. £2.07 ex VAT

    Specimens of pale blue corundum also known as sapphire from the U.S.A, supplied in a small polythene bag with an information label. Ideal for collectors of crystals. Crystals vary in size from roughly 2 – 3 cm in length.

  • Fire Opal Chips 50g £2.30 ex VAT

    Fire opal chips, varying between 5 to 10 mm in sizes from Mexico, exhibiting a vibrant, powerful orange and red colour with some yellow, very firey, supplied only by weight in lots of 50 grams the pieces will come in a pouch with a data label.

  • Halite Crystal £2.30£4.03 ex VAT

    Specimens of halite crystals from the Boulby mine in Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK. These samples are ideal for mineral collectors as they display an excellent cubic crystal habit. Specimens are available in two colours, clear translucent pieces and samples with a faint orange hue. Supplied two sizes, small pieces are roughly 20 – 45 mm in size whilst large samples are roughly 45 – 65 mm.

  • Smokey Quartz Points – 50 Grams £2.07 ex VAT

    Smokey quartz crystal points mineral specimens from Madagascar, these excellent crystal points exhibit the quartz termination very well and also the colouration is fantastic, a very dark grey sometime black colour but also only slightly trasnluscent. Excellent specimens varying in small sizes, supplied in bags of 50 grams with an information label.

  • Talc Sticks (5 Pack) £1.44 ex VAT

    Pack of 5 Talc Sticks for £1.25. Approx size = 12cm x 1.5cm. Ideal for Hardness testing.

  • Vesuvianite £2.30 ex VAT

    Specimens of vesuvianite crystals from Mexico. Samples vary in size from roughly between 5 to 15 mm, ideal for mineral collectors they are supplied in a polythene bag with an information label.

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