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  • Fluorescent Baryte Crystals – UK £3.00 ex VAT

    Specimens of fluorescent crystalline baryte from Reigate, Surrey, UK. These particular pieces of baryte are crystals with various shades of yellow colour and fluoresce a pale green/yellow under shortwave UV light. Samples are approximately 1 – 3 cm in size and are supplied in small polythene bag with an information label

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  • Fluorescent Black Amber £1.80 ex VAT

    Fluorescent amber from Sarawak, Borneo, these mineral and fossil specimens are found in the ancient coal measures around Indonesia, a variation known as glessite, this amber is from the Tertiary period, 15 to 25 million years old and is much harder than Baltic amber. It has a distinct brown colour but once under shortwave UV lighting, emits a pale green/yellow colour with some inclusions of blue. Available in one size only, 1.5 x 1.5″, supplied in a card tray with a label.

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