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  • Calamites £4.00£8.00 ex VAT

    Fossil Calamites specimens from Lancashire. A popular plant fossil among professionals and children, easily recognisable due to it’s ‘lined’ texture. We stock a few larger specimens available on request. They belong to the plant family of Horsetails, some growing up to 20 m in height.

  • Fossil Twigs £0.10 ex VAT

    Geological Age: Triassic

    Fossil Location: Madagascar

    Small Triassic fossilised twigs from Madagascar, the twigs vary in size approx: 1.5″. A small ideal specimen ideal for teaching use, at the great price of only 10p!

  • Fossil Wood Slices £3.20£5.00 ex VAT

    Geological Age Triassic

    Fossil Location: Madagascar.

    Slices of fossil wood from Madagascar. Specimens are polished on one side to enable clear viewing of inside features.

  • Rhexoxylon africanum – Polished Section £30.00 ex VAT

    • Geological Age: Triassic period, Molteno Formation, 237 to 228 million years ago.
    • Location: Gokwe, Zimbabwe, Africa
    • Family: Plant
    • Species: Rhexoxylon africanum

    Rhexoxylon africanum is a rare species of seed fern found in Gokwe, Zimbabwe, Africa. These fossil specimens are dated to the Triassic period, existing 237 million years ago. These excellent samples exhibit the fossil in slices and are excellent for both educational use to view the internal structure of flora as well as for aesthetic purposes.

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