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  • Adamellite Granite £1.73£3.68 ex VAT

    Adamellite granite igneous rock specimens from Shap Fell, Cumbria in the UK exhibiting typical coarse grained texture expected of a slow cooling igneous rock. These samples contain typical granitic minerals such as quartz, feldspars and mica. In this case, the feldspars are potassium and sodium feldspar (orthoclase and plagioclase respectively) in equal proportions. Thus being considered adamellites, named after the type locality of Adamello, Italy. The samples are suitable for children interested in geology and collectors due to the attractive colouration however, they are also excellent for educational use to differentiate between regular granites which are often dominant in one particular felspar only and adamellites. The specimens are available in various sizes and come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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  • Gabbro With Magnetite And Ilmenite – Cumbria £1.38£3.46 ex VAT

    Specimens of gabbro from Carrock Fell, Cumbria, UK which contain trace amounts of magnetite and ilmenite. Specimens are supplied in labelled card trays.

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  • Natrolite in Basalt

    Natrolite crystals as amygdales in basalt, these rock specimens were collected from Glenfarg, Perthshire, Scotland and exhibit rare pink variations of natrolite, a sodium alluminium mineral. Normally, natrolite forms as clusters of accicular crystals, these however lack that. Available in 2 sizes, these samples come supplied in a card tray with label.

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  • Porphyritic Trachyte £1.27£3.27 ex VAT

    Porphyritic trachyte from East Lothian, Scotland exhibiting excellent rhomb porphyry crystal inclusions of feldspar. These rock specimens are available in a range of sizes and will come with a tray and a data label.

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  • Quartz Monzonite £1.27£3.57 ex VAT

    Quartz monzonite igneous rock specimen from Ratagan, Scotland. Associated to granites, yet containing only 5% to 20% quartz, making it a monzonite, these intrusive felsice rocks are igneous in origin and are available in different sizes, supplied in a white card tray with a label.

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