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  • Bytownite Basalt Slide £15.00 ex VAT

    Bytownite basalt thin section slide exhibiting phenocryts of bytownite feldspar within a fine basaltic groundmass. These thin sections depict beautifully a textbook porphyritic texture. Each section is made to 30 microns thickness and the glass is 46 x 27 mm in size.

  • Rhomb porphyry Slide £15.00 ex VAT

    Rhomb porphyry thin section exhibiting the textbook porphyritic texture of this rare igneous rock. The thin section shows a fine grained alkali feldspar groundmass with large phenocrysts of augite. This material was collected near Oslo in Norway.

  • Welded Tuff Slide £15.00 ex VAT

    Welded tuff thin section slide exhibiting a jumbled mass of irregularly sized broken clasts held in situ by finer ash particles which have become welded together. This material was collected from Cumbria, the original rock is likely rhyolite, and indeed in hand specimen the tuff almost still looks like rhyolite and appears to show a form of banding.

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