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  • Ruper 10 x 20 mm Hand Lens £16.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 10x magnification hand lens with a generous 20 mm diameter viewing field. Manufactured in Japan, Ruper loupes are world renowned for their robust build and quality optics. In the case of this model, the magnifier is made with aplantic doublet optics and so significantly reduces spherical abrasions when observing items. These high end lenses are suitable not only for students but professionals in the acedemic and industrial sectors, especially geologists, botanists, entomologists, archaeologists, gemologists, jewelers and those with an interest in antiques. An excellent entry level professional magnifier lens.

  • Ruper 5008 Hand Lens £27.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 5008 hand lens magnifier with powerful x 20 magnification and a moderate 15 mm wide diameter field of view. An excellent loupe manufactured in Japan, which uses doublet optics with achromatic design to significantly reduce abrasion in your field of view. Renowned in various sectors and fields by their name, this magnifier is manufactured from stainless steel and is unfinished, giving it a texture which provides extra grip making it useful for those particularly working in field conditions where weather may affect your grasp. The loupe is suitable for students, professionals and academics alike, particularly those of you in the fields of geology, gemology, archaeology, antiques dealings, entomology, watchmaking and more.

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