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  • Flint – Devon £1.61£2.88 ex VAT

    Flint is a variety of chert and a hard sedimentary rock of the silicate family with a conchoidal fracture. It exhibits a monochromatic colour scheme with a dark grey or black interior contrasted with a vibrant white exterior. It was collected from South Devon, and comes supplied in a card tray with an information label.

  • Geological Mapping and Sedimentary Logging Reference £1.10 ex VAT

    A5 in size, the card contains relevant geological data on both sides. One side contains over 40 different sedimentary logging symbols such as ‘Breccia’, ‘cross bedding’, ‘tuff’, and so forth.. On the opposite side, a wide variety of common geological mapping symbols are printed including ‘inclined strata’, ‘faults’, ‘mineral veins’ etc. Also includes a geological time scale.

  • Grain Size Card £1.55 ex VAT

    The card is printed onto translucent plastic for easy reading and comparing against grain size and texture in the field. The card includes a sorting chart, roundness scale and percentage by area images and is 149mm x 72mm, made from plastic it is completely waterproof and tear resistant.

  • Sedimentary Rock Texture Card £1.25 ex VAT

    The sedimentary rock texture card is made for earth science students, it displays numerous bites of information on how to determine an sedimentary rock specimen found in the field such as grain size, texture and an indication to the energy required to form the rock. The cards have been laminated, making them waterproof, small, the size of a bank card and an excellent to hand guide for students, amateurs and professionals.

  • Waterproof Sedimentary Logging Sheets £2.50£20.00 ex VAT

    Waterproof sedimentary logging sheet, printing on completely waterproof paper allowing you to create sedimentary logs and make field notes on site, what ever the weather. Features a customisable scale, columns for logging textures and making various notes with spaces to fill in crucial data for your project. Supplied in increments of 5, a must have for any form of field work.

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