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  • Brunton Axis Pocket Transit

    The Brunton Axis pocket transit is the ideal geological compass clinometer for use in the field by geologists undertaking mapping or mineral exploration. It features a unique hinge which allows for obtaining, fast, accurate drip and strike results, simultaneous, efficiently and easily. The needle as with all Bruntons is accurate, has a smooth operation and reliably fast dampening period. Two bubble levels allow users to ensure the instruments is level, no matter where and the needle locking mechanism allows for accurate strike and direction readings to be viewed even if moved. All housed with a robust, sturdy alloy housing.


      • measurement style: unique, simultaneous methods
      • dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3cm
      • weight: 341.6 g
      • azimuth: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • hinge dial: +/- 1˚ w/ 2˚ graduations
      • plumb clinometer: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • lid protractor: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • declination adjustment: +/- 180˚

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  • Brunton Geo Lite Transit Compass Clinometer £70.00 ex VAT

    The Brunton Geo Lite Transit compass clinometer is the perfect pieces of field equipment for geologists, archaeologists, geographers, forestry professionals and more which is both compact and light weight, yet highly accurate and functional allowing users to read maps, obiian dip and strike measurements, determine height and more. This light weight, small sized transit model compass which strips back the bulk weight of the regular transit models and uses robust glass and plastic alongside Bruntons usual accurate magnetic needles, fluids and plumb systems to give you an excellent, highly accurate compass clinometers.


    • dimensions: 10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5cm
    • weight: 68g
    • azimuth: +/- 1˚ w/ 2˚ graduations
    • hinge clinometer: +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations
    • internal clinometer: +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations
    • declination adjustment: +/-180˚
    • Available in Northern hemisphere version

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  • Brunton Transit Leather Case £29.17 ex VAT

    Technical Details:
    Genuine leather for durability
    Nylon stitching and a brass closure snap
    Fits all transits except Geo
    Belt strap
    Suitable for models 2061, 2001, 5005LM, 5006LM, 5007 and 5008.
    NOT suitable for models 5009 and 5010

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  • COBRU Pocket Transit Compass Clinometer £760.00 ex VAT

    Technical Information:

    • Needle: Global (can adjust for inclination of the needle with counter weight) 
    • Die cast non magnetic body 
    • Flip open sighting mirror
    • Flip out diopter
    • Manual operated clinometer with spirit level
    • 90° +/-
    • Azimuth compass dial 0° – 360°  
    • Graduations: 1° 
    • Bubble level
    • Needle locking device
    • Dimensions: 75 x 86 x 34 mm
    • Total weight: 200 grams
  • GEBRU Transit Compass Clinometer £485.00 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:
    – Stratum compass
    – Vertical inclinometer with 1° graduations, visible from side and above
    – Dip measuring range 270° graduated in 1°
    – Brunton style spirit level clinometer +/- 90°, 1° graduations
    – Azimuth circle with 1° graduations
    – Global needle
    – Needle locking mechanism
    – Declination adjustable +/- 60°
    – Inclination adjustable
    – Circular spirit level for horizontal accuracy
    – Sighting mirror
    – Rugged, light weight aluminised one piece waterproof housing
    – Case included
    – Dimensions (closed) 72 x 93 x 27.5 mm
    – Weight: 330 grams

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