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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

10 Specimen Metamorphic Rock Set

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A ten specimen metamorphic rock set produced by our selves at our warehouse in the UK, the set comprises of ten samples picked out to details textures and features such as foliation, banding, high temperature or pressure minerals and more pertaining to the various grades of metamorphism. The samples sit within a plastic cell inset which its self is housed within a blue sturdy card box with a lid. The inside of the lid also has a colour photo key chart which exhibits pictures of the specimens as well as names and locations they are from. An excellent basic set for educational use or as a gift.

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This metamorphic rock set contains 10 hand selected metamorphic specimens and is ideal for geology students at all levels; school, college and university or simply for individual use or children who may show an interest in rocks The samples exhibit some textbook metamorphic features such as foliations, high pressure mineral inclusions and banding, thus the collection holds particular use as a rock identification aid. Each rock is housed within its own plastic compartment which correlates with a coloured photo data sheet on the inside of the lid, detailing the names of the items included and location that it was found. This is housed within a blue sturdy card box which keeps the samples safe and contained when not in use as well as making transporting or storing them much easier as the sets overall are designed not to take up too much space measuring only 30cm x 12cm and is 4cm deep. Samples within this particular rock set are:

1) Spotted Rock
2) Chiastolite Slate
3) Cordierite Hornfels
4) Slate
5) Phyllite
6) Garnet Mica Schist
7) Mica Schist
8) Metaquartzite
9) Marble
10) Gneiss

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