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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

100 Meter Measuring Tape

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A 100 meter long tape measure by RST made from high tensile fiberglass to withstand rough terrain, damp soils and cold weather and is easily cleaned afterwards. The tape is 13 mm wide with large text font on a white background for easy reading and is ideal for use on site, mines, quarries and in the field. An end hook will allow you to dig into soil or hook onto rocks or building corners so that you can measure out your self, the 3 geared wind up mechanism then allows you to quickly and easily wind the tape back up faster than previous models. This model due to its large reel, has an open case design, which gets rid of unnecessary weight making it lighter to carry. A comfortable handle has also been included to make carrying the tape measure much easier.

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An extensive, 100 meter length open case geared tape measure ideal for site, field, quarry and mine use for measuring and obtaining accurate measurement data. The RST tapes are made from 42 strand fiberglass which gives the tape excellent tensile strength so that it can put up with any rugged terrain or environment you are using it in. Additionally, these new models by RST feature a 3 geared winding system which allows users to wind the tape back up much more quickly via a crank which is in the middle of the tape measure and fold away to avoid damage. A metal hook at the end will also allow you to grip into soil and most rough rock surfaces which will allow you to easily measure out your area or depth. Over all, this particular model will allow you to mark out 100 meters, the tape its self is 13 mm wide with large print allow you to easily view the numerical figures and is thus more suitable for large scale projects. The open reel design allows unnecessary weight to be shed, improving the overall light weight design of the model. The bright contrasting red and blue colour enable the tape to stand out if accidentally left on site somewhere. Due to the large reel size, an ergonomic carry handle has also been incorporated into the design for ease of transport.

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