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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

15 Specimen Mineral Collection Set


One of our top selling lines is this 15 Specimen Mineral collection boxed set. They are especially useful for educational purposes. Pupils and students studying Geology or Geography at GCSE through to degree level would benefit greatly from this set.

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This set contains 15 basic and common mineral specimens which we hand picked from our own stock, it is suitable for collectors and particularly those who want to practice mineral recognition. The set is ideal for educational purposes at all levels from school through to university. The minerals included are some of the most abundant minerals on earth and should be easily recognisable to even amateur geologists. A coloured photo data sheet is provided on the inside of the lid detailing names and localities of each specimen. Each mineral has its own compartment within the box. Specimens included:

1) Milky Quartz
2) Orthoclase Feldspar
3) Biotite Mica
4) Native Copper
5) Hematite
6) Magnetite
7) Halite
8) Flourite
9) Calcite
10) Gypsum
11) Baryte
12) Iron Pyrite
13) Chalcopyrite
14) Galena
15) Sphalerite

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