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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

200 x 300 mm 250 Gauge Polythene Bags – 100 bags

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Dimensions: 200 mm x 300 mm
Gauge: 250 (62 microns)
Material: Polythene
Colour: Clear
Seal: Open top
Supply: Packs of 100 bags

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200 x 300 mm size polythene bags are a small sized sample bag made from clear polythene at 250 gauge (62 mu) thickness. This particular bag is ideal for storage of light weight samples, especially during geo-chemical or mineralogical sampling where leaking and cross contamination must not occur. These particular bags are fairly small in size and have a thin film, therefore making them more suitable for holding single specimens or samples of sediment such as clay, mud, etc. Easy to seal with nylon cable ties, these bags are supplied in lots of 100 bags.

*NOTE: We can also have any size and gauge of bag manufactured for custom order at very competitive prices. Please inquire via email*

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