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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

300 mm Half Height Diameter Stainless Steel Sieves by Glenammer

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Technical Specification:
• Body: Stainless Steel
• Mesh Type: Woven Wire
• Diameter: 300 mm (11.8 inches)
• Depth: 38 mm (1.5 inches)
• Aperture Size: please select
• Notes: Both mesh and body are non magnetic

Excellent, half height stainless steel sieves manufactured by Glenammer Engineering for sedimentary and geological sieving in the field and lab, 300 mm in diameter and 38 mm deep, with an assortment of optional mesh sizes from microns to mm, these sieves are of the highest quality to conform to industry standards.

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Manufactured in the UK by the well known Glenammer Engineering, these sieves are made to the highest specification that industries around the world demand which are ISO (international standard) and ASTM (American standard). Made in the UK, both the mesh and the body are manufactured from stainless steel, this means that both the body and mesh are non magnetic, thus reducing interference when sieving other magnetic bearing sediments and samples. Each sieve is easily trackable, thanks to being individually ID laser marked onto the sieve body. Glenammer engineers have also made this sieve utilising a totally sealed design, this has eradicated the possibility of residual material which in turn eliminates cross contamination between samples as well as making the sieves in general easy to clean and wash as there are no sharp edges to catch debris and keeps users fingers sage from injury. This model is the larger lab standard 300 mm diameter sieves, it's wide diameter allows more quantity of samples to be put through, however, as lower height (half height) sieves, they only have a depth of 38 mm (1.5 inches), this makes them particularly useful for those requiring them for field work, their shorter height means they are less bulky than standard lab sieves and also much lighter in weight, resulting in less space being taken up and an easier mode of transport. Mesh sizes are optional, choose from over 100 different sizes. Each sieve will come with a certificate of conformity, they are suitable for sieving a range of sediment samples including concrete, aggregates, soil, sand, clay, cement, mortar, mud and many more. Suitable for use in sectors such as civil engineering, construction, mining sectors, laboratory testing, geological and geographical analysis and many more.

Glenammer sieves are clearly not like the rest on the market, their dedication and precision engineering have produced an unrivalled quality of sieve which is starting to dominate the market worldwide.


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