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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Acid Bottles

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Clear plastic acid bottles with a dropper lid and screw on cap, made from durable plastic, the bottle can carry hydrochloric acid for you to use in the lab or field, allowing you to determine calcium carbonate rocks such as calcites or limestones. The bottles hold 25 ml of liquid and are clear.

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Our Acid Bottles are perfect for use out in the field or in a lab setting, they will protect your hands when applying corrosive substances to specimens as they utilise a dropper head, where you must squeeze the bottle to release the liquid inside. Each Bottle holds 25 ml of liquid and is clear, with a sticky label on the front and comes with a plug and leak proof cap to prevent any accidents. They are ideal for the testing of calcium carbonate in rocks, as these samples can often react to hydrochloric acid, causing the liquid to fizz and bubble up. It is important to note that acid is NOT supplied with the bottle, as this cannot be transported by post or courier.

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