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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Agate Plate Stands – Giant

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Plastic plate stands which are ideal for holding mainly flat items, such as plates, agate slices and other cut and polished mineral slabs. However, other items fit on them just as well, the parts come in two pieces and twist together making a single, robust clear stand. These stands are giant and measure 105 mm tall with a 130 x 75 mm base.

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Plastic plate stands suitable for holding and displaying agate slices and other mineral or gemstone slabs, slices and even certain rock and fossil specimens. The stands are available in three sizes (see below) and come supplied in two pieces which twist and slot together to make the stand whole. Made from clear acrylic, they are strong, clear and durable, suitable for holding moderately heavy items as well. The size of the giant stands are: 105 mm tall with a 130 x 75 mm base, ideal for propping up and displaying of larger specimens of rocks such as slabs, large agate slices or polished minerals slabs as well as some fossil slabs.

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