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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Agatised Bivalves

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• Geological Age: N/A
• Location: Morocco
• Family: Bivalve
• Species: N/A

Bivalve fossil specimens which have been agatised during preservation, giving them a transluscent orange colour with a vitreous lustre, they are upto 4 cm in size and supplied in various weights, they come in a polythene bag with a label. Ideal for kits, education and more.

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Excellent examples of bivalve fossil specimens which show the shells have been agatised, giving them an orange almost semi transparent colour and vitreous lustre, the morphology of the shells have been preserved very well as agate weather or deteriorates almost not at all as opposed to other minerals at the surface. The shells are between 20 to 40 mm in size and come from Morocco, unfortunately, for the time being, we do not have much more information regarding them such as specific species or age. But the unique agatisation of the samples makes them much more interesting to observe. Supplied in optional weights, the pieces will come in a bag with a label, ideal for bulk purchasing.

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