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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Alethopteris sp in Siderite Nodule

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Siderite nodule containing a highly detailed and well preserved Alethopteris fossil. Alethopteris was a fern which existed during the Carboniferous. This specimen is a good display piece and was found in WIgan, UK and comes supplied with a card tray and information label.

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Alethopteris is an extinct plant genus which existed from the carboniferous through to the lower cretaceous. It belongs to the class “Pteridospermatophyta”, which are essentially seeded ferns that ceased to exist past the KT mass extinction event 66 m.a. This particular specimen is well preserved in great detail. The individual leaves are displayed diverging from the central stem. The preservation is also tactile, with well pronounced grooves and ridges. The leaf itself is within a nodule of siderite, which itself is a unique carbonate mineral. This was found in WIgan, Lancashire, UK and is both a great display fossil, and a tool for analysis. The tactile impression makes this fossil perfect for anyone with a visual impairment. It measures 70 x 60 mm and weighs 120g, and comes supplied with a white card tray and information label.

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