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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Algae Stromatolite Slide


Algae stromatolite thin section, made from our own stock collected from Morocco, these rock has been made into a 30 microns thick slide which exhibits the fine texture of this rock specimen. Excellent to observe the nature of the minerals, these glass slide is 46 x 27 mm in size, suitable for enthusiasts, educational use and more, it will come in card sleeve with a label.

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Algae stromatolite microscope slide exhibiting the fine crystal texture of this bio-chemical rock, it forms as layer of algae, which, over time, have sediment deposited on top of them, after which, a new layer of algae forms on top of the sediment, creating a banded/layered sedimentary rock. These slides are made from our own stock of algae stromatolite which was collected from Morocco, they section is made to 30 microns thickness and the glass is 46 x 27 mm in size with a cover slip. Supplied in a protective card sleeve with a label, ideal for microscopy.

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