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Almandine Garnets – China

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Almandine garnet crystals, from China, popular gemstones varying in size between 1 to 2 cm they exhibit excellent crystal habit, a deep red colour and vitreous lustre, these garnet crystals are ideal for collectors and for educational use, supplied in a polythene bag with a data label.

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Almandine garnets are a popular and most common variety of garnet crystals, often sought after because of their deep red colour, they often are found within metamorphic rocks, most commonly, mica schists. The name is derived from old English terminology 'garnet' which means 'dark red' and allusion to the crystals deep colouration. The crystals often form as rhombic dodecahedrons, although sometimes poor quality specimens may exhibit cubic shapes, and rank at 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, as such, one of the main industrial uses for almandine garnets is as an abrasive. It also has many uses as a gemstone, the hardness couples with the deep red colour make it an excellent contrasting mineral when set along with brighter colours. These particular crystal specimens come from China, they vary between 1 to 1.5 cm in size and have excellent crystal habit, a vitreous lustre as well as a deep rich red colour. They will come supplied in a small polythene bag with a label.

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