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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Aluminium Write On Sample Tags – 50

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Aluminium write on sample tags which measure 77 x 23 mm in size, made using a card core with a layer of thick aluminium around it, the tag can be written and embossed on to preserve notes and data. The tags are waterproof, rust proof, insect proof and more. Ideal for use on drilling, surveying and project sites.

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Aluminium tags made with a combination of thick card and thick gauge aluminium, this allows you to write and emboss notes onto the surface of the aluminium, which will remain there unless written over or damaged. The tags are 77 x 23 mm in size, ideal for writing short amounts of notes on and also have a small wire tie supplied with each one too. Ideal for use in project and survey sites, they are waterproof, rust proof, insect proof and easy to use. Available in boxes of 50 tags, discounts available on larger quantities.

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