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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Dragons Egg

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Dragons eggs, made from rose quartz or amethyst, optional. Both minerals come from Brazil. Samples are between 2.5 cm to 4 cm in size and are supplied in a polythene bag.

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Dragons Eggs (gemstones) made from either Amethyst or Rose quartz from Brazil. Amethyst is a largely purple variety of Quartz. Formed mostly within druses in igneous rocks, and is well known for forming large geodes within which grow deep purple crystals. Rose quartz, like amethyst is another variety of quartz, however, the presence of the mineral hematite during its formation leads to impurities and gives the quartz a pink colouration. Gemstone dragons eggs are characterised by the unique cut and polish method employed when making them, the minerals are first tumbled with grit, but the overall surface is kept unpolished (matte). However, after this first stage of tumbling, 1 or more sides are cut straight, and then highly polished. Giving certain areas of the mineral a smooth shine.

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