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Andradite Garnets

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Andradite garnet crystals with nepheline mineral specimens, collected from Khenifra Province,Tafilalet, Morocco. This rare species of garnet, which is melanite, belongs to the schorlomite group, the contrast between the two black and white minerals makes for an interesing piece to observe. This variant of garnet is rare, and has become a popular gemstone lately, they are jet black with a vitreous lustre and easily identifiable crystal form. Available in a variety of sizes, samples will come supplied in a card tray with a data label.

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Andradite garnet crystals with occurences of nepheline on matrix, collected from Bou-Agrao Mountain, Tamazeght complex, High Atlas mountains, Khenifra Province,Tafilalet, Morocco. These much desired mineral specimens are much sought after due to the presence of the beautiful, jet black garnet crystals which are andradite, these garnets belong to the schorlomite group, and are actually titanian andradite, particularly, the variant known as melanite. Aside from the rarity, they have become a popular gemstone in recent times due to their colour and sub-metallic lustre make them attractive to a wide audience.These particular samples are of a lower grade compared to our display pieces, the garnets exhibited are varied, some are whole and show the rhombic dodecahedron crystal habit well, while others are a little dull or are a massive form, sizes vary between 3 mm to 1 cm. Around the garnets is bright white nepehline crystals, small and short, the make for an excellent contrast in colours between the two minerals. We have plenty of these specimens in stock and they are available in a range of sizes, each piece willcome supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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