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Aragonite Sputnik – Kilo Bag

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1 kilogram of aragonite sputniks, also known as twinned aragonite crystals, these mineral specimens are roughly 20 mmto 40 mm in size, they exhibit an orange colouration and numerous radiating crystals similar to the Russian satellite, ‘Sputnik’. They come from Morocco are supplied in a polythene bag with a data label, purchasing them by weight is ideal if they are intended for educational use, talks, kits or other events where larger quantities are required for an economical cost.

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Aragonite in sputnik form, exhibiting the excellent twinned crystal habit in which the crystals radiate outwards, similar in appearance to the famous Russian satellite 'Sputnik', hence the nickname. The crystals are a bright orange colour and when viewed from certain angles, the orthorhombic shape of the crystals can be seen. Aragonite is one of the two naturally occurring crystaliine forms of calcium carbonate, the other being calcite. It is formed by biological and physical processes, including precipitation of water from marine and freshwater environments. These aragonite "sputniks" were collected from Morocco and vary in size between 20 mm to 40 mm and are supplied in lots of 1 kilogramn, the peices will come in a polythene bag along with an information label.

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