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B and W Outdoor Case Type 2000


Model: Type 2000
Internal Dimensions: 250 x 175 x 155 mm
External Dimensions: 270 x 215 x 165 mm
Weight (Empty): 900 grams
Volume Capacity: 6.6 liters
Colours: Black or Yellow

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The type 2000 outdoor case by B&W is a moderate size case which is more than ready for use in harsh environments and rugged terrain. Much larger in size than the type 500 and 1000 models, It is ideal for the protection & safe transport of measuring devices, small surveying instrument, batteries, cameras etc. Manufactured from high impact resistant polypropylene, this spacious useful case can take what ever you throw at it. The plastic can withstand temperature ranges of -30°C to +80°C, as well as having a unique stackable design allowing for easy transport of quantities if needed. Each case is also 100% waterproof to depths of 5 meters as well as dust proof, required especially if you are working in arid environments. the high impact plastic makes the case extremely robust to shock with test drops from heights of 3 meters on to concrete, if all of that isn't enough, the type 2000 outdoor case by B&W also comes with a 30 year warranty. If you are in the surveying, mining, forestry or construction industries, then this case is just the item you need to keel all of your equipment together.

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