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Beach 5 lb Tumbling Machine

Beach 5 lb tumbling machine, made by Beach manufacturing in the UK, perfect if you are an accomplished amateur or professional tumlbing or polishing on a small scale, it’s small, light weight and easy to use and comes with a variety of options.

Technical Specifications:
• Weight:5.1 KG (empty)
• Size: 50 x 26 x 16 CM
• Drum Size: 14 CM
• Drum Volume: 5LB (2.2 kg) – Material: Rubber
• Power 240 Volt
• Plug: 3 pin UK Standard

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The Beach 5 lb (pound) tumbling machine is the ideal for amateur and professionals on a small scale. If you have been tumbling for some time and know what to do and how things work and you need to take it further, the 5 lb machine is for you. A tumbler works by inserting rough rock or minerals in to a barrel along with grit or polish (known as media). The machine then spins the barrels and the grit wears down and smooths out the contents, later, polish is added and the contents are tumbled again. The end result is a smooth, polished tumble stone made from what ever you put in initially. These tumblers are manufactured in the UK and as such, only come with a standard 3 pin plug for use within the UK and draws 240 volts. At less than 6 kilos in weight (empty) it is an excellent desktop machine which also comes with a 5 year guarantee and access to spares and replacement parts. This machine comes with various options:

• 5lb Machine with a single standard barrel

• 5lb Machine With 5lb Barrel With Fins

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Weight 6000 g



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