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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Belemnites Phragmacone

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Belemnite specimens made from genuine material with is rough to the touch. Specimens vary in length, coming in 2 sizes and display the pointed cone shape associated with belemnites. Dated to the Triassic period, they are supplied with white card tray and information label.

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Belemnites are extinct caphalopods which lived during the Triassic & Jurassic period over 150 million years ago, they were squid like animals which lived within a smooth, long shell similar to orthoceras and ammonites. These particular fossils come from Somerset, UK and depict the interior of belemnites. They are rough to the touch, displayint the cone shape associated with belemnites. They vary in length and have a slightly lighter complexion compared to polished belemnites. Like some species of ammonites, belemnites also have various folklore attached to them, the most common being that it was believed they were the strike points for lightning, and so were called 'thunderbolts' or 'devils's fingers'. The specimens are supplied in a card tray with an information label, they make ideal gifts for children who are just starting out their own fossil collection.

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