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Branch Coral

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Branching coral specimens, dated from the Devonian period, the species is known as thamnopora and belong to the tabulate form of these now extinct species. They clearly depict the colonial nature of this type, the small ‘pits’ on the surface of the coral, would have, during life, been hole, within which the coral polyps resided, emerging to feed, mate and more and retreating inside when potential danger was present. The samples were collected from the Western Sahara region of Morocco, available by weight, the pieces rang in size from 30 mm to 60 mm and come supplied in a polythene bag with an information label. Ideal for kits, sets, craft and educational use, where a numerous pieces may be required for an economical cost.

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• Geological Age: Devonian period, 419 to 358 millions years old
• Location: Morocco
• Family: Coral - branching
• Species: Thamnopora

Branch coral specimens from Morocco, Deovnian in age, between 419 and 358 million years old, these corals, specifically thamnopora, were a type of colonial coral, these samples exhibit this nature, the nmerous pits on the fossils surface show where the polyps once lived. Supplied in various weights, the samples will come supplied in a bag with a label.

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