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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Breccia (Calcrete)

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This Breccia is a calcrete cemented scree deposit of Pleistocene age from the Manifold Valley in Staffordshire.

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This Breccia is a consolidated scree deposit of Pleistocene age. Angular clasts are what differentiate breccia from conglomerate which has more rounded constituent fragments.The clasts in these specimens are cemented with calcrete
which is formed on calcareous materials as a result of climatic fluctuations in arid and semi arid regions. Calcite is dissolved in groundwater and, under drying conditions, is precipitated as the water evaporates at the surface. This particular example comes from the Manifold Valley in Staffordshire. Specimens are supplied in labelled card trays or by weight in 1kg. bags.

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