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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Brunton Axis Pocket Transit

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Technical Specifications:
• Options: Azimuth 360° or quadrant 0 – 90° dials
• Anodised aluminium body
• NdFeB rare earth magnet on sapphire jewel suspension, with induction dampening
• Weight: 354 grams
• Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 30 mm (closed)
• Compass Bearing Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations
• Inclinometer Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations
• Dip Angle Accuracy: +/- 1° with 2° graduations
• Plunge Angle Accuracy: +/- 0.5° with 1° graduations

The Brunton Axis pocket transit is the latest model from Brunton navigation, ideal for use by geologists, it utilises a dual axis hollow tube hinge, multiple spirit levels and Bruntons standard accurate needle and tough body so that you can obtain readings, no matter the angle or situation, even from overhangs.

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The Brunton Axis pocket transit is the latest in range of navigational equipment manufacture by Brunton in the USA. This new, radical design was designed by geologists, for geologists. It features an innovative dual axis hinge which allows users to obtain accurate plane lines, dips, strikes, bearings and vertical angles accurately. Due to its unique design, only one configuration is needed to obtain readings for dip and strike, trend and plunge and bearing and vertical angles, thus increasing efficiency of obtain your readings which due to the hinge, can be obtain on any surface, including overhangs. As standard, the housing is within a robust metal aloy, a north magnetic needle with bearing accuracy of ±1/2 with 1° graduations, this allows you to be able to obtain dip and strike simultaneously on any surface and an inclinometer and dip measurer both of which also have ±1/2 with 1° graduations. In all, it is another fine instrument designed by Brunton and surely one that will push to boundaries of navigational instruments for field work, in a new direction.

Further specifications include: • Dual axis hollow hinge. • North pointing needle parallel to hinge. • Novel lid protractor and 360° rotation around minor axis • Spirit levels on each side for efficient levelling • Adjustable needle locking mechanism • Magnetic declination adjustment


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  1. Frank Dussett

    Brunton Axis, great pocket transit!

    This transit is king of accurate and quick analog measurements, that’s for sure. I heard from a colleague that Brunton had a new unit out and I quickly bought one to use along side my trusty f-5005 that I have had forever just to compare. Well, once I started using the axis I was hard pressed to go back to the old transit from the get go. It measures fast on all rock surfaces and planes and works as a really accurate protractor in many positions. Also sights dipping slabs from a distance and easily measures rake angles and plunge, even on overhanging edges of exposed slabs. This is a nice unit and worth the investment.

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