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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Brunton Compro Composite Transit

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The Brunton compro composite transit compass is the latest version of the compro line. It is ultra light weight, tough and accurate. The perfect small, lightweight instrument for geological field mapping and exploration. The unit contains a number of features and mechanisms to obtain accurate readings and work for a lifetime, all safely housed and sealed with an o-ring to protect against dust and water damage. The needle can be balanced for use anywhere in the world and the NdFeb disc is highly accurate and will resist demagnetisation. In additional to a host of other features, this particular model is ideal for those who after after accuracy, ease of transport and on a budget.


  • measurement style: Strike and Dip
  • dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 cm
  • weight: 162g
  • azimuth: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
  • internal clinometer: +/-1/2˚ w/  1˚ graduations
  • percent grade: 5% graduations
  • declination adjustment: +/- 180˚

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The updated Compro composite transit by Brunton, made in the USA, is an ultra-light weight navigation instrument which is ideal for a range of mapping purposes, where ever you are. Made from robust composite material, this new model is lighter than previous versions but stronger. It can survive, drops, knocks, falls and even floats. The internal components are of high quality and features a precision NdFeB disc magnet, which will give you highly accurate readings which additionally resists demagnetisation. Smooth sapphire jewel bearings for smooth movement and quick dampening and much more. (see below). All of these components are sealed within the unit and held safely in place with a sealed 'O' ring which provides resistance to dust and water. A must, considering the environment and weather conditions these instruments are designed to be used in.


  • Traditional transit measurement method.
  • Lightweight, tough composite body
  •  Sighting mirror for measurements of bearings and vertical angles.
  • Short and long sights give the user additional functionality and accuracy when shooting bearings.
  • Precision NdFeB disc magnet for accurate readings and resists demagnetisation.
  • Magnetic needle can be balanced for use anywhere in the word.
  • Induction dampening makes for a quick-settling needle.
  • Sapphire jewel bearings enable smooth needle movement throughout the life of the instrument.
  • Needle locking button, holds your needles position so you an review your orientation.
  • Internal components are sealed with an O-ring for improved water and dust resistance.
  • Compatible with Brunton Jacob’s Staff and Tripod ball and socket adaptor.
  • Available in either Azimuth (0-360) or Quadrant (0-90) formats.
  • Supplied with a protective leather case.
  • Made in the USA in Riverton, WY.

Additional information

Weight 80010 g
Bearing Options

Quadrant (0° – 90°, Azimuth (0° – 360°)


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