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Brunton COM-PRO Compass Clinometer (5008)

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Technical Specification:
* Single NdFeB magnet resists demagnetization better than other types of magnets for increased reliability
* Vertical angle measurements to +/- 90° or 100% grade
* A percent grade scale with increments of 5%
* Induction dampened needle for quick, accurate readings
* Sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement
* Magnetic declination adjustment allows for east or west declination settings to +/- 180°
* Short and long sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles
* Precision aligned mirror with convenient “see-through” sighting capability
* Composite body material has less thermal retention
* Ball & socket tripod mount for increased accuracy
* O-rings make the ComPro waterproof for increased reliability
* Leather case included
* Overall dimensions: 8 x 7 x 3.3cm
* Weight 161 grams
* Made in the USA

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The Brunton Com-pro compass clinometer is a highly advanced navigational instrument, it includes a highly accurate compass needle, spirit level operated degree finder & much more. With a body made of composite materials, this Transit is a lighter, more affordable alternative. It incorporates a cast NdFeB rare-earth magnet, precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing, resulting in a powerful magnet, which quickly seeks magnetic north and permits faster readings. The 5008 model features an azimuth dial, which means the dial runs from 0-360°. The COM-PRO comes pre-balanced for use in most of the northern hemisphere (see image of map and compass zones). However, if you are using the instrument in other countries, simply click on the image of the map, determine which country it will be used in and use the optional drop down menu above to select your compass zone. The compass will be pre-balanced for use in the selected magnetic zone by Brunton Inc in the USA, this process is free of charge but takes approximately 7 weeks, so please bear this in mind. Compasses use in the northern zone are in stock ready for despatch with very little waiting time.

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