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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Brunton Geo Lite Transit Compass Clinometer


The Brunton Geo Lite Transit compass clinometer is the perfect pieces of field equipment for geologists, archaeologists, geographers, forestry professionals and more which is both compact and light weight, yet highly accurate and functional allowing users to read maps, obiian dip and strike measurements, determine height and more. This light weight, small sized transit model compass which strips back the bulk weight of the regular transit models and uses robust glass and plastic alongside Bruntons usual accurate magnetic needles, fluids and plumb systems to give you an excellent, highly accurate compass clinometers, the specifications:

    • dimensions: 10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5cm
    • weight: 68g
    • azimuth: +/- 1˚ w/ 2˚ graduations
    • hinge clinometer: +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations
    • internal clinometer: +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations
    • declination adjustment: +/-180˚
    • Transit-style direct read azimuth system
    • Fixed plumb-style clinometer–unaffected by declination adjustment
    • Integrated protractor for plotting data on a field map
    • Bubble level for accurate strike measurement
    • 2˚ Resolution for azimuthal readings (strike, dip azimuth, directional bearings)
    • 5˚ resolution for clinometer readings
    • Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time
    • Map Magnifier
    • Sighting Mirror for accurate bearings
    • Tool-free declination adjustment
    • Romer scales included for easy integration with handheld GPS unit
    • Flat bottom for accurate strike and dip measurements at low angles
    • Hot stamped base plate for improved durability
    • Recycled glass-filled PA lid for increased durability
    • Made in the USA in Riverton, WY

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New from Brunton for 2021, a professional and student compass clinometer, the Geo Lite Transit offers the vast majority of features that the usual geo-transit models offer, but in a lightweight, yet robust plastic housing. Coming in at a light 68 grams and pocket sized 10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5 cm dimensions, the Geo Lite Transit just might be the last compass you ever buy. The model is manufactured from a hot stamped base plate of clear plastic which is stronger but still allows users to view guides and maps underneath the compass, it also has a magnifier for those difficult to read fine prints often found on maps. In a world concerned with what sort of planet we are going to leave for our children, the lid is made from recycled material, mainly glass. The overall base features a flat bottom with protractor markings on, to allow for accurate route and data plotting on maps, excellent for field geologists both professional and students. This particular model features two clinometers, one gravity operated clinometer which many will be used to using, which simply works when you hold the compass at a specific angle, allowing gravity to pull the clinometer needle down which will enable you to obtain a dip reading, it uses +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations. A second clinometer is located on the hinge, which will allow you to obtain readings similar to the Dr. Clar method and also features +/-2.5˚ w/ 5˚ graduations. The compass face it's self utilises a standard azimuth dial, going from 0˚ to 360˚ azimuth: +/- 1˚ w/ 2˚ graduations with the needle its self using the new Brunton EverNorth magnet which resists demagnetisation over time. Declination can be adjusted by the tool free mechanism, simply pinch the compass face from above and below, while moving the overall unit either way to adjust the declination which allows adjustments +/-180˚. The model features a handy hinged lid with a sighting mirror on the inside to assist users in obtaining accurate bearings. Overall, this excellent compass produced by Brunton and made in their factory in Riverton, Wyoming, USA shows once again, that Brunton is a name to be recognised in the industry.

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