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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Brunton International Transit 5005LM Compass Clinometer

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Technical Spec:
* Quadrant dial, 0 – 90 – 0 – 90 degrees
* Alnico II magnets for quick magnetic north needle alignment
* Vertical angle measurements to ±90° or 100% grade
* A percent grade scale with increments of 5%
* Induction dampened needle for quick, accurate readings
* Sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement
* Magnetic declination adjustment allows for east or west declination settings to ±180°
* Short and long sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles
* Precision aligned mirror with convenient “see-through” sighting capability
* Cast aluminum body makes the Conventional Pocket Transit nearly indestructible
* Ball & socket tripod mount for increased accuracy
* Leather case included
* Overall Dimensions 8 x 7 x 3.3cm
* Weight 192 grams
* Made in the USA

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Utilizing a more traditional design, the Conventional uses Alnico ll magnets and a "V" cut sapphire jewel bearing for smooth movement. Conventional suspension offers premium performance when used within a balancing region. Because the body is die cast aluminum, the Conventional is both accurate and durable. The 5005 LM comes with a quadrant dial which use a 0° to 90° to 0° etc format. The Brunton international transit can work in any hemisphere, anywhere in the world, hence the name. However, if you want peace of mind, we can have the instrument balanced for particular zone.

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