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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Brunton TruArc 20

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The Brunton TruArc 20 is a global, versatile compass clinometers suitable for a wide range of applications for an even wider range of users, from those who are keen on hiking and exploring, to geologists and geographers of student and professional level to surveyors. The TruArc 20 features an accurate global needle, clinometer needle, tool free declination adjustment and more and comes with USGS field data cards.

Technical Specification:
• Global needle
• Luminous cling ends
• Flip open full view sighting mirror
• Map magnifier
• Circular bubble level
• 1° Resolution with magnified readout
• Dimensions: .10.4 x 6.3 x 2.5 cm
• Weight: 102 grams

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The Brunton TruArc 20 is a renowned compass clinometer manufactured in the USA by the world famous Brunton company. The TruArc 20 is the successor to the popular BOSS 70M compass clinometer and incorporates the best features from that model along with new modern manufacturing techniques. New innovations include the TruArc™ global needle system that will not lose polarity and resists magnetic interference better than any competitor (as opposed ro only having a northern hemisphere needle on the previous model). Classic innovations like the triple clinometer system, tool-less declination adjustment, and the protective cover and foot also make a welcome comeback. In all, this is a brilliant compass clinometer, genuine, robust and accurate. It also features various field data cards and scales as produces by the USGS, which tuck neatly into the inside of the rubber housing of the compass which can be removed when the users feel necessary.

Brunton TruArc 20 Compass Clinometer

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