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Campyllite on Quartz

Specimens of quartz with small inclusions of campyllite from Cumbria, UK. Campyllite, sometimes spelt Campylite, is a variation of the lead arsonate mineral mimetite. These specimens feature small numbers of distinct dark amber coloured crystals with a barrel habit upon a quartz matrix. The crystals are small and protrude outwardly. Specimens are available in various sizes, and each is provided with a white cad tray and information label.

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Specimens of quartz with small inclusions of campyllite from Cumbria, UK. Campyllite is a lead arsenate mineral, a variation of mimetite. It appears as a rich yellow or orange colour and exhibits a vitreous lustre, shining when observed under certain angles of light. Under excellent conditions, the crystals of this mineral form as barrel shapes, similar to that of corundums, but much smaller. These particular specimens exhibit this crystal habit some what, but on a small scale, and almost appear botryoidal. They were collected from Cumbria and are present on a quartz matrix, with small numbers of yellow and orange crystals forming on certain parts of the matrix. Available in various sizes, these specimens will come supplied in a white card tray with an information label.

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