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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Carnelian Tiny Gemstone Mix

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Carnelian tiny gemstone mix, a 500 gram sealed pack containing numerous pieces of this fiery orange coloured variation of the quartz mineral, they have been tumbled and polished making them smooth to touch and brighter to observe. Ideal for bottle fillings, favours, crafts and more.

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Carnelian is a fiery orange variation of quartz, a popular mineral due to its hard wearing nature and ease of polishing, it naturally has a banded appearance and waxy lustre when rough. These pieces however have been tumbled and polished, the chips measures between 3 to 20 mm in size, the process has left the pieces with now sharp edges, smooth to touch and a more vibrant colour. Semi transparent, the chips allow a little light through, though not as much as other quartz type minerals such as citrine. These pieces are excellent for those interest in metaphysical properties, art and crafts, fillings, gifts and more, they come supplied in lots of 500 grams and are sealed in packs ready for immediate use.

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