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Chromite – Kilo Bag

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1 kilo of Chromite mineral specimens from Norway, the chromite appears black in colour and can also come mixed with serpentine (green). Often found in peridotite from the Earth’s mantle, the specimens are a massive form and are very dense.These mineral specimens are ideal for schools, educational and teaching use, specimens are supplied in a range of sizes and come in a strong polythene bag by kilo weight.

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Chromite mineral specimens exhibiting the dense weight expected of chrome rich minerals, chromite is an iron chromium oxide mineral which belongs to the Spinel group, a classification of minerals based on their unique crystalographic structure and lattices. Chromite can often be found as a lens inclusion in peroditites or in other layered ultra mafic rocks. It is also known to be asociated with serpentine, indeed, it almost looks and feels like a black variation. These particular specimens were collected by staff and come from the Feragen Chromium Mines district in Feragen, Røros, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. The chromite mineralisation at these sites is almost exclusively confined to the dunitic members which can be traced for more than 300 m along strike. The 235 occurrences which were exploited in this area yielded 32,500 metric tons of ore, representing about 90% of the total Norwegian chromite ore production. Mostly the deposits are in shallow pits, which cover a large area of the hillside. They were exploited during the second World War and have been abandoned for many years. These samples of chromite come supplied in a polythene bag up to a weight of 1 kilogram and include an information card, sealed with a cable tie, minerals by weight are more economical when large quantities are required.

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