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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Chrysocolla – 250 Grams

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250 grams of chrysocolla, a popular and well known cyan blue coloured mineral with a botryoidal crystal habit, these pieces which range between 5 to 10 cm are shells. a minor copper ore mineral, the pieces are excellent for educational use, buying in bulk. Supplied in a sealed pack ready for immediate use, a small information label will also be present.

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Chrysocolla is a vibrant cyan coloured mineral,a minor ore source of copper, it often forms as a secondary mineral located near the oxidised zones of copper ore deposits. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek word of "chrysos kolla", meaning gold and glue respectively, a nod towards its original use in soldering gold as far back as 315 BC. These particular pieces were found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, and exhibits a some what slight botryoidal (bubble) crystal habit, the pieces are thin, being the surface shells of larger bodies which have been removed. They come supplied in lots of 250 grams, in a sealed pack, ready for immediate use, they are suitable for educational use, obtaining many various pieces for an economical cost. The range of sizes are from 5 to 10 cm.

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