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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Chrysocolla Mounted on Base

Chrysocolla mineral specimens from the Oro Grande in New Mexico, USA, nice samples which exhibit blue to turquoise colouration of the mineral as layers on the matrix, between 20 to 30 mm in size. Ideal for serious collectors, the pieces have been mounted and inserted into a specimen try with the details typed on to it.

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Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper ore mineral which comprised of shades of vibrant green and blue hues and in excellent samples, has a botryoidal crystal habit. In ancient time, it was used to solder gold, the name is actually derived from ancient Greek words chrysos, which means gold, and kolla, meaning glue.These particular samples vary in shades from just blue to turquoise, they come from the Oro Grande, New Mexico, USA and are between 20 to 30 mm in size and exhibit the chrysocolla as layers on the surface of a matrix. The specimens have been mounted onto polystyrene squares and placed into card trays which have the samples details typed onto them. Ideal for serious collectors of minerals, particularly if you are keen to expand your collection to include pieces from the Americas.

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