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Cobaltoan Dolomite


Cobaltoan dolomite from the Kamoto mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, well known for it’s striking pink colouration, this variation of the mineral, dolomite is quite rare, with only 5 known localities in the world. Specimens are available in various sizes and come in a card tray with a label. Exhibits excellent crystal beds with vibrant colours on a limestone matrix.

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Cobaltoan dolomite is a rare variant of dolomite containing cobalt. As such, it has an extremely vibrant pink colour to the crystals. While regular dolomite is fairly common, this cobalt variation is very limited and found in only 5 countries in the world. These particular specimens come from the Kamoto mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) Africa. While the crystals are fairly small and so lack any major shape or structure, they exhibit the extreme pink colouration which it is widely sought after for and are on a limestone matrix. Dolomites are a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral, similar to limestones, however, the crystals instead have slightly curved faces when formed under the perfect conditions as opposed to calcites, these specimens are rare so we only have limited stock. Available in various sizes, the minerals will come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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