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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COBRU Pocket Transit Compass Clinometer

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Technical Information:

  • Needle: Global (can adjust for inclination of the needle with counter weight) 
  • Die cast non magnetic body 
  • Flip open sighting mirror
  • Flip out diopter
  • Manual operated clinometer with spirit level
  • 90° +/-
  • Azimuth compass dial 0° – 360°  
  • Graduations: 1° 
  • Bubble level
  • Needle locking device
  • Dimensions: 75 x 86 x 34 mm
  • Total weight: 200 grams
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Manufactured in Germany by the engineering firm, Breithaupt Kassel, the COBRU compass clinometer is suitable for geological and topographical surveys with housing made of light metal and is non magnetic. The compass dial is a graduated circle 63 mm diameter and has cover plate with adjustable hinge and a sighting mirror on the inside. The graduations are 1° numbering counterclockwise in multiples of 10° each and also a standard manual declination adjustment +/- 30° device. The magnetic needle is 50 mm long with adjustable inclination weight to allow you to use this compass anywhere in the world featuring international cardinal points (East and West inverse). The compass needle also has an inbuilt locking system to allow you to keep certain readings temporarily. The clinometer is manually operated by the user and displays a spirit level controlled clinometer +/- 90° for higher accuracy. One edge of the compass also features a foldable diopter for accurate sighting. Modeled on a trnasit compass, this is the ideal compass clinometer for geological and topographical surveying.

dimensions of closed compass 75x86x34 mm, weight 200 g.

Additional information

Weight 80010 g


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