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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Cockcroach Remains

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Species Name: Cockroach Remains

Family: Insect

Age: Cretaceous, Lower Wealden Beds

Location: Surrey

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Cockroach remains within matrix collected from the Cretaceous Lower Wealden Beds of Surrey, UK. The Wealden Group is a sequence of rock strata in Southern England which is of Lower Cretaceous age; they are predominantly non marine deposits. It yields many continental fossils such as dinosaurs, mudcracks and in this case cockroach remains.The remains do not appear significant; they are relatively small and it is undetermined from which part of the cockroach they originate (most likely wing cases) however they are a particularly rare find so are valuable among serious collectors. The matrix in which the remains are preserved will vary in dimension but average pieces measure 3 x 3 cm. Each specimen is supplied in a small plastic bag.

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