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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COHEN Mining Engineers Compass

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Technical Information:

  • Needle: Global (can adjust for inclination of the needle with counter weight) 
  • Die cast non magnetic body 
  • Gravity driven clinometer pendulum. 
  • 90° +/-
  • Azimuth compass dial 0° – 360°  
  • Graduations: 1° 
  • Bubble level
  • Needle locking device
  • Total weight: 200 grams
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Breithaupt Kassel, manufactured in Germany, the COHEN mining engineers compass is a tapered circular compass clinometer instrument for use within the mining industry, it features a global needle measuring 50 mm in length with a counter balance weight to adjust the needles inclination depending on where you are in the world or how deep you are as well as a needle locking device to lock readings when you need to take notes. It also utilises a gravity driven clinometer with +/- 90°. the compass dial is azimuth and features 0° - 360° in multiples of 10°. The overall compass housing which is made from a robust non magnetic metal is 80 mm in diameter while the compass circle is 63 mm in diameter giving you a good clear visual area to work with. Suspension hooks on the end also serve as the locking device when the compass is closed as well as a sighting device.

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Weight 80010 g


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