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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COMTA Suspension Mining Compass

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Technical Information:

  • Needle: Global (can adjust for inclination of the needle with counter weight) 
  • Die cast non magnetic body 
  • Large dial diameter 
  • Azimuth compass dial 0° – 360°  
  • Graduations: 1° 
  • Suspension hooks
  • Needle locking device
  • Total weight: 400 grams
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Engineered by Breithaupt Kassel in Germany, the COMPTA is a suspended compass specifically for use within the mining sector. It is built within a Kassel suspension device for mine surveying and technical work, construction of tunnels and galleries, and for measurements of wall breaking' or chamber blasting. The cardanic suspension device features adjustable bearings to allow you to loosen or tighten as you see fit. It comes with a global magnetic needle which is 80 mm long with inclination counter weight to adjust depending on your location and depth, the dial is azimuth with graduations of 1°, numbering counterclockwise each giving excellent measuring accuracy at +/- 1°. International cardinal points (East and West inverse) are also present on the dial as well as a mechanical declination adjustment device allowing you to chance declination +/- 30°.

Additional information

Weight 80010 g


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