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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Concinnithyris Subundata

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  • Family: Brachiopod
  • Species: Concinnithyris subundata
  • Geological Age: Cenomanian, Cretaceous period, 100 to 93 million years ago.
  • Location: Dorset, UK.
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Concinnithyris subundata is a fossil brachiopod species belonging to the terebratulida family. As with most of our specimens, they have previously been prepped and cleaned and so are free of matrix, allowing you to easily view morphological features such as the shell hinge, shape etc. These particular fossil specimens were found in various localities around Dorset, they are from the Cretaceous period, specifically the Cenomanian age which dates the fossils to between 100 to 93 million years old.Specimens are a dull beige colour, measure between 2 to 3 cm in size and come supplied in a small packet with an information label

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