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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

COPRI Prismatic Compass

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Technical Information: 

Global needle (sliding counter balance weight)
non magnetic metal body
Compass needle locking device
1/2° graduations
Oscillation ring
Prism with slot
Weight: 330 grams

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The COPRI prismatic compass is made in German by Breithaupt Kassel for obtaining highly accurate bearings. A prismatic compass is mainly used for determining a course, way points (an endpoint of the leg of a course) direction, and for calculating bearings of survey lines and included angles between them. The COPRI features an oscillation ring and allows for continuous sighting through a slot in the prism casing and hinged sight device, suitable for setting out topographical surveys. The circle is a large 80 mm in diameter allowing for quick and easy reading with 1/2° graduations around the dial. The needle is global, utilising a sliding counter weight on the needle to adjust for inclination affecting it. Within the compass, is also a bubble level to ensure you have the compass set correctly. All of this is housed within a light weight non magnetic rugged metal case for outdoor use.

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Weight 80010 g


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