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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Corbula sp

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  • Family: Bivalve
  • Species: Corbula (exact species unknown)
  • Geological Age: Kimmeridgian, Jurassic, 200 to 145 million years ago.
  • Location: Weymouth, Dorset, UK.
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Corbula are a genus of very small bivalve which belong to the clam family. They are only around 4 mm in size and although these particular fossil specimens have been prepped and cleaned, magnification may aid in viewing the details in much more detail. They were collected from Weymouth in Dorset, UK and are Kimmeridgian in age, this epoch occurred during the Jurassic period, making the specimens 157 to 152 million years old. They are supplied in sets of 4 in small packets with a label.

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